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West End scrap car collection

Salvage Car Collection is a Scotland based operation established to assist with the collection of your scrap car in West End , with vehicles taken in various conditions. Each scrap car collection in West End is scheduled in a time efficient manner; Salvage Car Collection aim to find collection times suited to each customers schedule. Not only this, but part of our strategy is to offer an effective and reliable service, providing a straightforward way to scrap your car in West End.

Whilst vehicles are generally taken in any condition, shells are often not accepted, nor are other metals deemed to be ‘scrap’ – for example, copper wire, etc – If you are unsure are to whether your vehicle will be accepted, please do give us a call and we’ll let you know whether your vehicle is eligible for a collection.

West End scrap car quotes

In addition to providing scrap car quotes in West End – which are free and no obligation – Salvage Car Collection also provide a free collection service for each vehicle. Once a scrap car quote form has been submitted, the value of the vehicle will be determined by one of our evaluators, who will call you back and discuss the value offered.  Of course, with the no obligation quote provided, it is your choice to accept, decline or decide later – No pressure – Whether your vehicle is damaged or old, it could still hold value – A bit of money for something unwanted!

At Salvage Car Collection, we pride ourselves in offering prompt scrap car collections in West End , being punctual with arranged collection dates and times. For any offered quotes, there is also the possibility of same day collection. Elsewise, a collection can be scheduled at any other convenient time.

Get paid for your scrap car!

If you are looking to get rid of your scrap car in West End , why not get paid for its removal? For the payment, the transaction will occur upon the collection of the vehicle. Once your vehicle has been collected, a choice between direct bank transfer or cheque – it is now illegal to pay cash.

Due to regulations introduced to help prevent the theft of metal, and encourage legal disposal of scrap cars, the majority of our payments will be made via direct bank transfer, although there are rare instances upon which cash payment can be considered.

Legal car collection

As part of our strategy to establish and maintain a strong reputation, our car scrapping service follows all legalities and regulations. Part of this involves ensuring that each collection is carried out by one of our licensed waste carriers who collect and dispose vehicles whilst following the correct legal procedures.

Receive a quote

To receive a quote for your scrap car in West End , fill in our scrap car form and one of our evaluators will call you back as soon as possible to inform you of how much can be offered. Alternatively, we can be contacted by calling : 0141 374 2355 / 01324 332055